About Us

We help individuals by creating gifts people love.
We are Craftmas Box, a small but motivated company specializing in beer advent calendars. We believe passionately in creating a memorable gift for everyone, and being able to curate a perfect advent calendar.

After being years of craft beer advent calendar enthusiast. Trying out different advent calendars from different brands, searching out better alternatives and creating our own. We realized that it either wasn't available, tedious or difficult to do. We decided to come out with a product that would allow everyone to enjoy the perfect holiday.

We hate half the beer that comes in the box! Lets be honest, we all have different tastes but every year we are forced to drink beers we don't want. 

This is where Craftmas Box steps in. We give the craft beer advent calendar enthusiast the "tool (box)" to create the perfectly selected creation for their friends and family. Only you know the taste of the close ones around you. Create those specialty boxes that fit them.

Say no more to wasted or forced down beers. Only drink the beers you enjoy!